TP Uông Bí đón trên 20 nghìn lượt du khách trong dịp nghỉ Lễ giỗ tổ Hùng Vương

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In 2 days, 9th and 10th of March (lunar calendar), on the occasion of Hung King's death anniversary, Uong Bi city welcomed nearly 20,000 tourists to visit and relax. Tourists focus on famous places of the city such as Yen Tu Relic Site, Ba Vang Pagoda, Yen Trung Lake, Lung Xanh Eco-tourism Site where there is wild beauty, Lac Thanh Communal House where worshiping the Citadel Hoang has contributed to building villages and communes, helping poor people overcome the epidemic.

Yen Trung Lake tourist area attracts a large number of tourists.
Since the beginning of the year, Uong Bi has welcomed over 640,000 visitors, of which Yen Tu relic welcomes 170,000 visitors, Ban Vang pagoda welcomes nearly 200,000 visitors. Tourism revenue reached over VND 310 billion, equaling 182% over the same period.
With the message "Uong Bi - Green, safe and friendly tourism", this year's summer tourist season, Uong Bi has opened its doors safely, restoring the overall tourism activities in the whole city with the following regulations: tissue and range under conditions of safe adaptation, flexibility, effective disease control. Up to now, all tourist service establishments in Uong Bi that have returned to operation have been inspected and granted certificates of safe facilities to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. Beaches, tourist accommodation establishments All calendars are neat and clean. Security and order, environmental protection and safety for tourists at tourist attractions; price stabilization, price listing at restaurants, eateries, and points of sale serving tourists must comply with regulations.

Tourists visit Yen Tu.
To strive to attract tourists to Uong Bi to reach 1.5 million visitors this year, Uong Bi will organize a series of tourism events to welcome the summer of 2022 to stimulate tourism such as: Art program " Music and Vietnamese Ao Dai”; Trade Fair OCOP; Festival Dinh, Lac Thanh Pagoda; Launching the contest "Uong Bi - the beauty in me"; host the chess tournament within the framework of Seagame 31; Vesak Week; Vu Lan Week; Chrysanthemum Festival; Street Food Festival…

Tourists visit and experience at Lung Xanh eco-tourism site.
With many attractive programs to attract tourists, Uong Bi promises to bring a safe and friendly 2022 tourist season with complete and interesting experiences for visitors when coming to the spiritual tourist city.


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