Uong Bi City: Announces the decision to complete the New Rural Construction Program on the evening of December 8; organized OCOP-trade fair from December 7 to December 14, 2019

Quảng trường 25/2 thành phố
On the evening of December 8, 2019, at the February 25 Square of Uong Bi City, a ceremony to announce the decision of the Prime Minister recognized that Uong Bi City will complete the national target program on building a new countryside. The program is held solemnly, with a special ceremony and a

Uong Bi City: Opening the week of trade promotion and opening the second hand stall at Canh Market

Phường Yên Thanh
On the morning of November 9, at Cho Canh, the People's Committee of Uong Bi City opened the week of trade promotion and the opening of the second hand stall. City leaders, business leaders cut the ribbon to open the Trade Promotion Week and open the second hand stall. Attending were Mr. Tran Van La

From November 2, 2019, starting the Trade Promotion Week, opening the second hand stall at Canh Uong Bi Market

Tổ 1, khu 1, phường Yên Thanh
As a major commercial activity, expected by businesses, residents and visitors, the Trade Promotion Week and the opening of the second-hand stall will be held at Canh Uong Bi Market, starting from November 2. 2019. On the area of ​​7,500m2, the Week brings together 150 booths of many organizations,

Yen Tu beauty in the eyes of international tourists


Yen Trung Lake flower park: Make Uong Bi tourist more beautiful

In the pleasurable sound of immortal love songs, under the verdant blue verdant is the beauty of thousands of purple colors of flowers ... A floating and romantic space, making visitors seem to be lost in the middle of the domain Fairy of the world of flowers. It is a common feeling when you have th