Yen Trung Lake flower park: Make Uong Bi tourist more beautiful

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In the pleasurable sound of immortal love songs, under the verdant blue verdant is the beauty of thousands of purple colors of flowers ... A floating and romantic space, making visitors seem to be lost in the middle of the domain Fairy of the world of flowers. It is a common feeling when you have the opportunity to visit Yen Trung Lake Flower Park in Uong Bi city.

To be able to create a new, rich and attractive tourist destination, in addition to concentrating all resources, the owner of the park has devoted much to the desire to contribute to beautifying Uong Bi tourism city. . In the pleasurable sound of immortal love songs, under the verdant blue code, is the beauty of thousands of purple and purple flowers ... A floating and romantic space, making visitors seem to be lost in the middle Fairy region of the world of flowers. It is a common feeling when you have the opportunity to visit Yen Trung Lake Flower Park in Uong Bi city.

Dalat mimosa flower.

Yen Trung Lake, Uong Bi city has long been famous for its pristine and pure beauty like miniature Da Lat. This potential has made this place a destination to learn and research of many large and small investors. However, in previous years, this place was also called funny "as the sleeping princess in the forest" because no pioneer investors have stayed, implementing tourism projects here. Until 9-2018, after Uong Bi City announced to put into operation Ho Yen Trung ecotourism site with a cluster of bridges of love, Eden, and hope ... Yen Trung Lake has created the " singing ”when welcoming the" huge "number of tourists from places pouring in...

The heart of the road is combined with roses under the shade of a cool blue code.

 This is also a "push" for Yen Trung Lake Ecotourism JSC to come up with an idea and decide to devote resources and invest in a flower park right next to the ecological tourist site of Yen Trung Lake.

Being facilitated in all aspects of Uong Bi City, after completing the investment procedures, the Company immediately started to renovate a 7.6ha wide hill area. Mr. Vu Van Huyen, Manager of the Park confided: When renovating the current status of the area, we have to be very diligent in creating premises. Because this area is not only pine, but also acacia, eucalyptus and many weeds. The hills and hills are more rocky and gravel ... The grass, grass root, roots take longer than expected. Especially the stage of soil reclamation, creating beds for flowers must also be very successful. Because the hilly soil here is difficult to hold water, we also have to research and invest in automatic sprinkler system to save the care and keep the flowers fresh ...

Loving bird's nest flower spring.

In order to design the whole resort, inspired by a beautiful flower park, the owner also went to many famous tourist spots to learn, learn methods, construction and renovation techniques. , decorate. At the same time inviting a famous flower artisan and landscape artist of Quang Ninh in charge of art and technology for the park ... A requirement to set up a flower park must preserve the typical landscape of Yen Trung lake is looks beautiful of the pines. Therefore, the renovation process, the entire number of pine trees of the area are retained, both creating focal points for the park, as well as the "backbone" for the design of landscape areas around and below ...

Flowers are colorful.

Determined, efforts, urgently, within 5 months of starting construction, Yen Trung Lake flower park has completed stage 1, opened and put into use right before the Lunar New Year. Pig in surprise, delight of visitors.

Arriving in Yen Trung Lake, visitors not only enjoy the relaxed space, relax in the love bridge, the garden of Eden, but also have an additional option of walking the scene, admiring, posing with flower springs, lovely and beautiful flower road in Yen Trung Lake flower park ...

Young woman on the hibiscus flower.

Here there are hundreds of species of flowers blooming during 4 seasons, converging flavor from many regions throughout the country such as hydrangeas, Dalat mimosa, Sapa ancient roses, triangular circuits Ha Giang ... Besides many flowers familiar as: daisies, dahlia, carnations, butterfly wings, coins, sunflower, mustard flowers… the park also imported exotic, popular flower varieties: lavender (lavender), geranium, oat nuong, apricot apricot, scallop ... On the poetic Yen Trung Lake, the hill of pine trees is green and poetic, thanks to the skillful hands of artisans, the colors of flowers are woven into many small art scenes Impressive, unique, full of jutsu. This side is the stream of flowers flowing like a waterfall; is the path of love that is combined with big rose hearts ... On the other side is the bright sunflower carpet, full of life, the lovely rose garden, or the hydrangea in the morning sun ...

Also according to Mr. Vu Van Huyen, managing Yen Trung Lake flower park, besides continuing to plant and decorate flower beds and flower beds, create miniatures in combination with pine hills as a highlight, in the next investment period. According to the company, the company will build a restaurant service system, serving the needs of entertainment, entertainment and camping of tourists combined with the experience of watching flowers.

Inside the flower carpet, the map of Vietnam is formed.

With enthusiasm, determination to invest, Yen Trung Lake flower park contributes to diversify and enrich tourism products of Uong Bi young city. Coming to Uong Bi along with the experience of spiritual and ecological tourism, the romantic Yen Trung Lake, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere in the space filled with flowers of Yen Trung Lake Flower Park ...


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