Week of trade promotion and opening of second hand stall at Canh Uong Bi Market: promising many exciting activities

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In just over 3 days, the Week of trade promotion and the opening of the second-hand stall will officially be held at Canh Uong Bi market. Currently, Thanh Thao Co., Ltd, the Management Board of Yen Thanh Market and business owners are urgently installing booths, gathering, displaying products ..., best preparing for the event to take place successfully. 

The typical stalls of Cho Canh such as: bonsai false bonsai, ornamental fish, wooden handicrafts, ... are added more categories of goods, ready to serve the event.

The week of trade promotion starts from November 9 to the end of November 17, 2019 with many active propaganda, product introduction, product and cultural and art programs. At the same time, create conditions for businesses, economic organizations, business households to exchange commodity products. The opening ceremony of the second hand shop stall on the first day of the Week promises to attract the attention of the people and visitors. This is a place to exchange, buy and sell household appliances, office supplies for organizations and individuals in need.

The stalls displaying second hand goods promise to be a tourist attraction and people visit and shop.

With the scale of 150 booths, in addition to the ones already available at Canh market, the Trade Promotion Week also has the participation to sell and introduce products of 30 booths from provinces and cities throughout the country. country. The rich products and many interesting activities will be attractive points for visitors and people to visit and shop at the event.

Customers can easily find items from household appliances to office products such as rice cookers, gas cookers, pumps, refrigerators, tables and chairs, sofas ...

The abundance of items, diverse types and models will help customers have many choices when coming to the Trade Promotion Week.

Ha Ngan


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