Valley of flowers in the middle of "Miniature Da Lat"

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Da Lat is famous for attracting tourists because the landscape is like a tourist paradise filled with golden sunshine, thousands of pine trees and thousands of blooming flowers ... Now you can enjoy the fresh air, poetic and thousands of flowers of one " Miniature Dalat "... in the flower valley right at Yen Trung Lake, Uong Bi City.
The flower park is located between the thousands of Yen Trung Lake codes.
The destination that many people love to mention is the flower park ecotourism park located right next to the center of Yen Trung Lake eco-tourism lake. For a long time, Yen Trung Lake (Uong Bi City) was loved by the people of the Land called "Miniature Da Lat". Perhaps by the cool fresh air, quiet, fragrant of thousands of pine trees. Now that romantic space is adorned with the brilliant part of the thousands of flowers in the campus of the newly built Flower Park. The flower park adorns the beauty and attractiveness of turning "Da Lat miniature" into a beautiful paradise garden.
The most interesting thing about this destination is the perfect combination of the cool, peaceful landscape of Yen Trung Lake with the beauty of flowers. On the planned area of ​​7.6ha with more than 2,000 pine trees about 70 years old, is a blooming flower garden of more than 30 flowers such as hydrangea, immortal daisies, geraniums, roses ...
Here, you or any visitor will feel the romance, hidden in the brilliant beauty of full of flowers. You will not be overwhelmed by the scenery here. All from the atmosphere to the landscape are reminiscent of traveling enthusiasts who feel like walking around the dreaming Valley of Dalat on the Lam Dong plateau. It will be a great experience when visitors are camping next to the lake, walking in the cool space, enjoying the hundred flowers blooming or dropping souls on the scented grass, listening to the whispering songs by the lake.
At present, Flower Park has completed the construction of colorful and colorful flower landscapes for visitors to take photo tours such as: The road of love is covered with roses, spring flowers, word maps S or National flag ... made from thousands of flowers. With a thorough care process, ensure flowers are always blooming in four seasons, flowers suitable to the soil and climate each season are the priority of choice. In the future, when the project will continue to build a complex of services, all catering services, swimming pools, tourist resorts for students ... will bring visitors many interesting choices. taste, comfort.
Hundreds of blooming flowers create beautiful scenery for the destination.


Tourists flock to visit the Flower Park
Not only enjoy the beautiful scenery with hundreds of blooming flowers, take pictures for yourself, come to the flower park, you can also experience horseback riding services, enjoy the delicious dishes such as: Grilled Chicken, Barbecue or BBQ party with family and friends. Yen Trung Lake Flower Park is especially suitable for taking photos of wedding photos, dating spots, destination of your beloved young children or simply a place for your small family to have a meaningful weekend trip. re-create amazing images and moments here.



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