Uong Bi - flourishes "smokeless industry"

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Uong Bi has many potentials and strengths to develop different types of tourism: Cultural - spiritual tourism, eco-resort, and experience. Therefore, in recent years, the city has promoted many solutions to promote the land and people of Uong Bi homeland; step by step develop the tourism industry, soon making the "smokeless industry" become a key economic sector of the locality.

Hồ Yên Trung là điểm du lịch mới hấp dẫn nhiều du khách tìm đến vui chơi giải trí.
Yen Trung Lake is a new tourist destination that attracts many tourists looking for entertainment.
According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Giang, Head of the city's Culture and Information Department, from January 1 to October 23, 2019, the whole city welcomed over 1.7 million tourists, of which, visitors to Yen Tu reached over 947,000, Ba Vang over 544,000, Ho Yen Trung nearly 116,000. The city welcomes over 200,000 international visitors. The turnover reached over 699 billion Dong, as 114% of the same period last year. During the year, tourism products continue to be invested and put into operation to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to Uong Bi: the Yen Tu Festival Service Center Area; Yen Trung Lake ...
In order to introduce and widely promote the tourism image of localities, the city promotes the propaganda through many forms: Promote on the web portal, city website and news page. Uong Bi 24/7; coordinate with the provincial Communications Center to build a Uong Bi tourist site; publishing publications introducing routes - tourist destinations; propagandize and propagate on prestigious channels such as VTV cultural rendezvous, "Beautiful Vietnam" program ... The city propagandizes and mobilizes people and tourism businesses to build building a civilized and polite tourism business environment.
Đông đảo du khách đến khám phá Hồ Yên Trung vào dịp cuối tuần, nghỉ hè hoặc ngày lễ Tết.
Many tourists come to discover Yen Trung lake on weekends, summer holidays or New Year holidays.
Up to now, the whole city has 114 tourist accommodation establishments; including 1 5 star quality facility (Legacy Yen Tu Resort), 1 3 star rating facility (Pilgrimage Village); 4 establishments rated 2 stars, 7 establishments rated 1 star, 38 establishments rated motels, 63 accommodation establishments have not yet been rated, 5 restaurants were granted signboards meeting the standards for tourists. The catering business is increasingly expanding investment, improving service quality. Along with the chain of accommodation establishments, the city has also built commercial centers, modern shopping stores, and utilities for tourists; at the same time, building OCOP products to become a place to visit and provide prestigious tourism products and local brands such as: Phuong Nam early ripen cloth, Yen Tu apricot wine ...
Not only that, the city has also focused on developing a diverse and synchronized tourism product system combining cultural, historical and spiritual tourism with eco-tourism. During the year, the city held 7 big festivals: Yen Tu, Hang Son, Ba Vang, Cong Cong communal house, Lac Thanh pagoda temple; Cherry Blossom Festival - Mai Tu Yen Yen gold ... contributes to the unique cultural, historical and spiritual tourism products of the city. The city prepares a dossier to submit to the competent authority to propose the recognition of Yen Tu national tourist resort and to recognize Yen Trung lake as a provincial-level tourist area. Collaborate with Famtrip's organization to survey tourist sites in the form of 2-day and 1-night tours: Yen Tu relics, Yen Trung and Lac Xanh lakes; Visit economic model of hill garden, fruit tree farm ...
Du khách thưởng thức ẩm thực tại Khu nghỉ dưỡng Legacy Yên Tử.
Guests enjoy food at Legacy Yen Tu Resort.
In order to gradually build a brand for the local tourism industry, in the coming time, the city will continue to promote the management, organization of festivals and tourism activities associated with the implementation of socio-economic development tasks. local association. In particular, focusing on speeding up the planning, implementing projects under the Scheme on expansion and development of Yen Tu historical relics and landscapes, land use planning of Chua Trinh spiritual cultural center - Yen Tu, planning to expand the relics of Ba Vang pagoda to soon form attractive tourist destinations.

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