Uông Bí quyết liệt chuyển dịch cơ cấu kinh tế từ "nâu" sang "xanh"
Mr. Pham Tuan Dat.
Reporter (Reporter): Sir, how has tourism and culture contributed to the development of Uong Bi City in the past time?

Mr. Pham Tuan Dat: Uong Bi city is located in the western part of Quang Ninh province, is a class II city, is blessed with many advantages of tourism development, especially ecotourism and spiritual culture. , with 29 historical-cultural sites and scenic spots, of which two relics are ranked nationally and nationally. In addition to Yen Tu scenic area - recognized as a special national monument, with cultural and historical values, priceless natural landscapes, the Buddhist center of the whole country, Uong Bi also has many potentials for ecotourism development, resort such as: Lung Xanh waterfall, Yen Trung lake, Dinh Cong temple and Co Linh temple ... Parallel to that is the river and lagoon system surrounded with economic models The hills, integrated farms, fruit trees and concentrated aquaculture areas can be exploited to become excellent tourism products.

With the orientation of making tourism become a key economic sector, shifting the economic structure from "brown" to "green", Uong Bi city has gradually exploited the potentials and advantages of tourism. calendar; Urban infrastructure, cultural institutions, catering and accommodation facilities serving tourism and entertainment services have been invested relatively modernly with utilities. Tourism infrastructure projects and new tourism products are constantly appearing in Uong Bi. In which, there must be big changes in Yen Tu relic and landscape area when many enterprises invest in building unique tourist infrastructure projects, which can welcome millions of pilgrims every year.
Uông Bí quyết liệt chuyển dịch cơ cấu kinh tế từ "nâu" sang "xanh"
Not the peak tourist season but there are still many foreign tourists coming to Yen Tu. Photo: HOA HUYEN.
The drastic implementation of the economic restructuring by the city has pushed the contribution of the tourism and service sectors to increase steadily over the years. Currently, visitors to Uong Bi not only focus on the festive season, but also spread throughout the seasons. From 2015 to June 2016, the city welcomed more than 11 million visitors, of which visitors to Yen Tu reached more than 6.5 million, international visitors reached 810,637 arrivals.

Reporter: What has Uong Bi city done and will do to attract tourists and promote its potentials?
Mr. Pham Tuan Dat: Determining the environment is one of the important factors for tourism development, in the past, Uong Bi city has taken a fierce step in dealing with environmental pollution issues, especially For high-risk businesses such as coal, electricity, cement ... Along with that, to create urban highlights, the city focused on dealing with encroachment on sidewalks, launching 1 million bougainvillea trees, painting walls at public places, using specialized vehicles sweeping, vacuuming to clean traffic routes ... At this time, Uong Bi has dozens of "bougainvillea roads" along the road system, airy, clean, beautiful ...
Uong Bi is focusing all resources to diversify tourism products, making tourism a key economic sector in the coming years. The scenic spots and dozens of buildings around the city have been invested, built, gradually improved. In addition, the city continues to expand cooperation, promotion and promotion of tourism by many channels, such as: City's electronic information sites; organizing travel survey delegation (famtrip) of tour operators; through the press channel ... to promote the natural landscape, the beauty of the land and the Uong Bi people. Developing smart tourism, the city also calls for investment in developing special tourism products and types, such as tourism combined with scientific research; tourism combined with training; tourism combined with sports training; Sightseeing tours, ecology combined with extreme sports, with villages, with spirituality ... priority projects for entertainment for tourists at night and festive season to attract long stay guests than.
Reporter: Both developing and preserving traditional values ​​is always an easy problem. Uong Bi City has solved this problem like, sir?

Mr. Pham Tuan Dat: Currently tourism development is still seasonal. To overcome this situation, leaders of Uong Bi City and functional units have coordinated to diversify products to attract customers. For example, Yen Tu scenic spot, millions of tourists here only focus on the festive season after the Lunar New Year. In order to overcome this situation, the local government along with Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company (Yen Tu Service and Investment Unit) has diversified its tourism products with its own potentials. Locality: Building typical tourist products of Yen Tu land, such as: History on the sacred peak, pilgrimage following the emperor's footsteps, traveling meditation experience at Hoa Yen pagoda, sound performance program Tran folk music ... ecological experience at Yen Tu's foot, flower field, production of medicinal plants, cultural village of the Dao ethnic group, construction of a market model for selling local products, creating delight for visitors ...
Reporter: Sincerely thank you!


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