Unique Dao Thanh Y culture exhibition space at the Traditional Room - Uong Bi City Library

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These days, coming to the Traditional Room - Library of Uong Bi City, people and tourists will be "possessed by a town" with a lively display space of traditional culture of the Dao Thanh Y people - Thuong Yen commune. Cong, ethnic minorities live for a long time at the foot of the sacred Yen Tu.


Not only watching the traditional costumes with vibrant brocade colors, the daily agricultural tools of the people, coming here, the people and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique art performances. such as wedding feast, new rice celebration, seasonal harvest songs, chicken catching dance .... Especially, experience the culinary arts with special dishes and specialties of the Dao people. : Bau alcohol, Yen Tu apricot wine, rice cake, sticky rice with five colors ...


This is an activity in the show of cultural beauty of Dao Thanh Y people - Thuong Yen Cong commune, organized by Uong Bi City Communication and Cultural Center. The event aims to celebrate the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day 23-11.


Displaying the beauty of the Dao Thanh Y culture at the Traditional Room - The City Library is open to viewers from November 20 to November 24, 2019. The highlight activities are organized focusing on Saturday, November 23. Along with that, residents and tourists will visit the exhibition area to introduce cultural heritages of Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province and the whole country; Visit the traditional room, display images and artifacts throughout the development process of the potential Uong Bi land.



Traditional costumes of Dao Thanh Y compatriots such as men's and women's costumes; teacher costume; costume of bride and groom; jewelry, accessories ... are displayed vividly at the show.

Recreating traditional embroidery activities, weaving towels; display typical brocade embroidery products of Dao Thanh Y 

The display area of ​​agricultural implements helps people clearly visualize the daily labor activities of the Dao Thanh Y compatriots.

Unique culinary products of the Dao people such as sweet buffalo wine, sour sour wine, Yen Tu apricot wine, rice cake, sticky rice with five colors will be displayed and introduced for viewers to enjoy and experience.

Book display area of ​​famous cultural heritages.

The display of the Dao Thanh Y cultural beauty is open to viewers from November 20 to November 24, 2019.

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