Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company: Effective investment by innovating thinking

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Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company is one of the few pioneering enterprises investing in the tourism and cultural field in Uong Bi City. With a basic strategy, high responsibility, innovative thinking, businesses have achieved many successes, not only bringing in revenue and profit but also developing sustainably.


Yên Tử thu hút rất đông du khách trong mùa lễ hội hàng năm.
Yen Tu attracts many tourists during the annual festival season.
In 2001, Tung Lam officially put the first blow to build Yen Tu cable car project. The value of the project is nearly 500 billion VND with 2 cable lines with the transport capacity of each cable line from 1,800-2,400 guests / hour. After this cable system went into operation, the number of visitors to Yen Tu increased dramatically.

From this success, Tung Lam has implemented many items to upgrade facilities to meet the needs of tourists, ensuring long-term operation, adding value such as: Installing lighting systems, expanding seams In summer, equipped with electric vehicles for transportation ... Especially, in 2016, the company invested hundreds of billions of VND to increase the capacity of cable cars by adding two new cable car routes, bringing the total number of suspension cable lines case of tourists to 4 lines with 8 terminals.
Hệ thống cáp treo hiện đại của Công ty Tùng Lâm đã đáp ứng nhu cầu đi lại của du khách (Ảnh: Thu Nguyên)
Modern cable car system of Tung Lam Company meets the travel needs of visitors. Photo: Thu Nguyen
Wishing to preserve, preserve and promote the values ​​of Yen Tu, since 2013, Tung Lam Company has worked with many domestic and foreign consultants to come up with the idea of ​​building a cultural center. Tourist service area of ​​Oan Bus Station. By 2017, this enterprise spends over VND 1,000 billion to build a new cluster of Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center with "Vietnamese soul, Chan Tran and Truc Lam spirit". This is the largest investment project in the field of culture in Uong Bi City in particular and is one of the few outstanding cultural projects of Quang Ninh in general.

This work has added value to the heritage, while ensuring the best conditions for visitors to visit, experience, explore Yen Tu. The highlight in the Center of Truc Lam Yen Tu Culture is 5-star Yen Yen quiet area. Although relatively new, Tung Lam Company has signed a cooperation agreement with nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign travel agencies ready to bring visitors to Legacy Yen Tu.
Along with investment in infrastructure, services ... the company has built many packages of tourism products such as: Discover Yen Tu in the value of spiritual journeys, pilgrimage according to the Emperor's footsteps, watching the sunrise. on the peak of the sacred, one day of practice, the food of the Emperor. Notably, Tung Lam has built a meditation tourism product to meet the needs of visitors' experiences such as: Meditation break (with a guide), low meditation, bell meditation, tea meditation, breathing meditation, walking meditation, yoga meditation ...
Không gian mới lạ tại phòng ngủ khu tĩnh dưỡng Legacy Yên Tử.
New space in the quiet area of ​​Yen Tu Yen Legacy.
The company also organizes many activities to introduce products, production processes, features of production villages such as ramie cake, hand squid rolls ... for visitors to participate in the experience as well as direct interaction. with artisans. At the same time, re-enact the northern folk culture, from the countryside market to the ancient oat mats, folk dances, traditional drums, cotton dance in the Tran ... Currently, the company is continuing. building tourism product "Discovering ancient palace secret" for visitors to visit, explore, learn how to build Yen Tu retire zone.
It can be seen that together with the original values, the items of investment projects of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company also contributed to promoting the value of Yen Tu, making this place really different. In 2018, the total number of visitors to Yen Tu reached 1 million, the first 6 months of this year alone had more than 700,000 visitors. The percentage of visitors using Tung Lam's service reaches 70-80%. Total revenue next year was higher than the previous year, of which in 2018 alone was over VND 600 billion.

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