The lake is like a miniature Dalat in Quang Ninh

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The attraction of Yen Trung Lake comes from the large, flat water, the roads under the canopy and fresh air.

Yen Trung is a large freshwater lake in Quang Ninh province, about 100 hectares wide, belonging to Phuong Dong ward (Uong Bi city). Surrounding the lake is the green of the mountains and the pine forests for a long time, making this place many tourists like "miniature Dalat" of Quang Ninh.


A road passes through pine forest along Yen Trung lake. This destination is about 6 km from the center of Uong Bi city and more than 1 km from National Road 18A, providing a quiet space, in stark contrast to the noise and dust of the streets.


When visiting the lake, visitors can see how people get resin. The bowls and bottles appeared on many pine trees in the forest, catching fresh, ivory white plastic.


Yen Trung Lake is still quite new to tourists from remote provinces, but is a popular tourist destination with people in Quang Ninh. This place is suitable for day or weekend excursions for families and friends. Visitors can camp, picnic under the shore canopy or hire boats from the locals to set up two small islands in the middle of the lake at an agreed price.


Ecotourism site "Eden Garden" in the lakeside opened in September last year to provide activities such as kayaking, double bicycles under water for about 100,000 VND per vehicle, playing for 30 minutes.

The keys left by the couples on the arc-shaped bridge called "Love", located within the tourist site. Currently, the "Garden of Eden" is open for free to visitors, inside there are a number of small landscapes, flower gardens are set up for guests to take photos of check-ins and a number of tents selling soft drinks and lunch.


When coming here, tourists should visit more dragon fruit gardens of people planted in the lakeside. Ms. Lai Thi Thuy, the garden owner, said that her family is planting red dragon fruits, the harvest season lasts from April to the end of December.


Dragon fruit flowers grow from branches. If you arrive at the right time of the ripe fruit, visitors can enjoy red dragon fruit at the garden or buy it as a gift for 35,000 VND per pound.

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