Non sacred Yen Tu spring

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Yen Tu Relics and National Forest Area, where the origin of Buddhism in Vietnam is a famous spiritual tourist destination of the country. At the beginning of the new year, guests come to Yen Tu sacred place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wish their families a peaceful New Year.
Especially, from the first day (January 25) to the 3rd (January 27) 2020, Canh Yen Ty welcomed over 25,000 domestic and international visitors on pilgrimage, sightseeing, up 15% over the previous year. with the same period in 2019.
Du khách hành hương về Yên Tử.
Pilgrims on Yen Tu.
Hệ thống cáp treo
Cable car system with 2 cable lines is ready to ensure visitors do not have to wait.
Các điểm tham quan
Yen Tu National Relics and Forest Management Board cooperates with Tung Tam Development Joint Stock Company to arrange a team of guides along the route from the foot of the mountain to the Dong pagoda.
Tuyến đường di chuyển hành hương đi bộ từ khu vực chùa Giải Oan đến chùa Đồng được sửa chữa, bảo dưỡng và có đủ hệ thống điện chiếu sáng, biển chỉ dẫn, hệ thống lan can nhằm đảm bảo an toàn cho du khách.
The pilgrimage route to walk from the area of ​​Giai Oan pagoda to Dong pagoda is repaired, maintained and has enough lighting systems, signboards, railings to ensure safety for tourists.
Du khách tham quan tại khu đặt tượng đài Phật hoàng Trần Nhân Tông.
Tourists visit, worship at the site of the monument of Tran Hoang Tong Buddha.
Chùa Đồng trên đỉnh non thiêng Yên Tử
Dong Pagoda is on the top of Yen Tu sacred mountain, the destination of most Buddhists and visitors.
Cùng với đó, du khách được nghe nhạc
In addition to sightseeing, sightseeing the temple, learning about the life and career of Lord Hoang Tran Nhan Tong Buddha, visitors can also watch art performances at the pilgrimage village of Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center.
Dịch vụ cưỡi ngựa
Guests participate in horse-riding services at Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center.
Du khách trải nghiệm tại
Pham Thi Dieu Thuy's family (Hanoi) has chosen 2 Lunar New Year holidays at Legacy Yen Tu Resort.
Không gian
Yen Tu is planned neatly and widely so that visitors can enjoy the space to admire the peaceful beauty of Buddha land.


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