Nearly 6,000 visitors participated in the Trade Promotion Week of Canh Uong Bi Market

12/11/2019 1858 0
According to the organizers, after 3 days of opening, nearly 6,000 visitors and visitors came to visit, shop, and exchange goods at Uong Bi City Trade Promotion Week 2019 held. at Canh Canh Market.

Here, the goods are plentiful and diverse, with many handicraft products, antiques, old furniture, ornamental art ... to meet the needs of the people and visitors.


Foreign female tourists are interested in the products on display at Canh market.

Old furniture stall with many types of items.


A customer finds a product that suits his needs.

The second-hand stall has many items from furniture, electronics, refrigeration, handicrafts to fashion products ...

Used Japanese-made ceramics counters are sold for VND 150-200-200 / kg.

Customers from Bac Giang are collecting used ceramic products of Japanese origin.

Stands for used handsets sold for 120 thousand VND / kg.

Used rice cookers are sold for 500 thousand VND / unit.

On this occasion, gardeners added many items to serve the needs of the people and visitors.


One of the most valuable cosmetic products on display at the Trade Promotion Week.

The showroom displays feng shui items with many high-value products such as amethyst.



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