Opening the Temple - Hang Son Temple in 2020

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On the morning of January 30, January 6 of the lunar calendar, Phuong Nam ward solemnly held the opening ceremony of the Temple - Hang Son Pagoda in 2020. Attending the ceremony were comrades: Tran Van Lam, Provincial Commissioner, Secretary Thanh City Party Committee and Chairman; Pham Tuan Dat, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Party Committee; Nguyen Manh Ha, Deputy Secretary of City Party Committee, Chairman of City People's Committee.

Arts welcome the festival.


Lan Dance celebrates the opening.

Cùng dự buổi lễ còn có lãnh đạo HĐND, UBND, MTTQ và các đoàn thể chính trị - xã hội thành phố; lãnh đạo các ban xây dựng Đảng, các phòng, ban, ngành, đoàn thể thành phố; thượng tọa Thích Đạo Hiển, Phó Trưởng ban trị sự, Chánh thư ký Ban Trị sự Giáo hội Phật giáo Việt Nam tỉnh Quảng Ninh.


Rituals of drumming, inviting the opening bell.

Quang cảnh lễ khai hội.

The leader of Phuong Nam Ward People's Committee made an opening speech.

Delegates attending the opening ceremony.
Clusters of temple relics - Hang Son pagoda is associated with the legend of Pham Chau because saving the villagers from drought has violated the law of heaven when praying for rain, bringing water to the field. After doing the magic, due to exhaustion, he died and transformed into a carp drifting to Hang Son cave. In commemoration of his merit, the local people set up a temple and worshiped Bat Hai Dai Vuong. It is also the place where the talented general Tran Hung Dao makes a thanksgiving ceremony after the victory of the Nguyen - Mong army on the historic Bach Dang river. Temple - Hang Son Pagoda is a provincial monument located in the Chu Coc mountain range, in Phuong Nam ward, Uong Bi city. It is beautiful scenery, charming paint. Over the years, the Temple - Hang Son Temple has been restored and embellished, becoming an attractive destination for visitors from near and far.

Delegates offered incense and performed a ceremony to pray for peace and national welfare.
Temple Society - Hang Son Pagoda will last until the end of the third lunar month. Also at the opening ceremony, delegates, people and tourists celebrated the ceremony to pray for peace and happiness, pray for a peaceful and happy new year.

Crowds of people and tourists visit the temple landscape.


Hong Nhung - Huyen Trang

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