Bustling Canh Uong Bi market last week

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Uong Bi scene market bustling weekend with rich activities and many diverse items. Flower stalls and ornamental plants still dominate the market space. Many office plants and mini plants are sold at relatively comfortable prices. Just a few dozen to a few hundred thousand, customers were able to buy themselves a small pot of plants displayed in the office or living space of the family.

Các loại hòa đua nhau khoe sắc

Small businesses take care of flowers and ornamental plants
Contributing to Canh market at the end of the week, there are local agricultural products, attracting the attention of customers such as: Sweet potato 2 Dien Cong; Dong Noi Morning glory. Fruits such as guava, apricot, red sap ... are also consumed quite easily.

Units selling local agricultural products
Along with trading activities taking place at the market, the City's Media - Culture Center also organizes cultural and cultural performances with the participation of singers and musicians from art troupes, creating a lively atmosphere, attracting people and visitors to visit and shop at the market.


Performing performances at Canh market

Thanh Hương, Hồng Nhung

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