Attractive destinations for tourists in Uong Bi

05/03/2019 4182 0
Recently, a series of works, spots, tours and tourist routes in the area invested and renewed by Uong Bi city have created an attraction for people and visitors. Here, many visitors, especially young people, have saved moments in beautiful and poetic locations and angles ...

Investing in renovating the landscape at the end of 2018, Yen Trung lake becomes an attractive rendezvous for visitors to Uong Bi.

With just a little creativity, Yen Trung Lake definitely gives visitors poetic pictures.

Many young people choose Yen Tu Flower Valley to take spring photos with flowers blooming.

Yen Trung Lake Flower Park has just been introduced into the tourist attractions system of Uong Bi City but has attracted a lot of visitors.

Tourists visit and take souvenir photos in Lung Xanh area.

Legacy area is a very different shooting angle at Yen Tu relic.

Arriving in Yen Tu, visitors can store images in a quiet space that is plentiful.

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