Yen Tu thousand years of white clouds

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In history books, Yen Tu is "Phuc Loc Giao Chau" - An Nam Chi strategy; "Tu Duc in the third year listed Yen Tu as the name of painting and copied in the worshiping dictionary" - National history of Nguyen Dynasty, Unified Nam Dai Nam, page 395 ...

The process of religious attainment, formation and luminescence of Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect at Yen Tu mountain of the king - Buddha Hoang Tran Nhan Tong and the ancestors later created the relic - scenic Yen Tu in the city Uong Bi. In 1974, Yen Tu relic - scenic area was recognized as a national-level monument, in 2012 was recognized as a National Special-level monument.

Dong Yen Tu Pagoda, heaven and earth are in harmony.

The first bricks to revive Yen Tu

Twenty years after Yen Tu relic - scenic spots were recognized at the national level, people came to Yen Tu but did not see Yen Tu. Simple because most of the monuments pagoda, am, tower in it are in the form of ruins. In a report from Thuong Yen Cong commune at that time, Van Tieu pagoda only had a pagoda foundation. Bao Sai pagoda has only a fallen wall. Cam Thuc Pagoda is a pile of rubble stones. Bi Thuong Pagoda is a tent built temporarily to worship a small wooden statue. Hoa Yen Pagoda is a grade 4 house with stone walls, ordinary tile. Small Dong Pagoda, built with copper reinforced concrete material. The tower garden is wild, most of the towers are just piles of stones folded together ... The remaining relics such as Suoi Bath, Cam Thuc, Long Dong, Giai Oan, Mot Mai, Am Duoc, Am Thung, Am Diem , am Thien Dinh, am Lo Ren, the garden of Hon Ngoc ... is located somewhere in the ground, the heart of the forest and has almost no traffic connection, there are relics with no access road.

In 1992, Yen Tu relic management board was established, under Uong Bi city, at that time it was Uong Bi town. Also in this year, the 3rd National Buddhist Congress held in Hanoi officially agreed that Yen Tu is one of the key centers of Buddhism in Vietnam. This is considered a landmark event for Yen Tu.

A corner of Legacy Yen Tu.

Tran Truong, the first head of the Yen Tu relic management board, said: Among dozens of national monuments of Quang Ninh recognized before the time, at the same time Yen Tu, Yen Tu is a rare relic established The management board is directly under the district government. This not only marks the presence, direct and methodical participation of the state management hand in Yen Tu but is the beginning of a vision, an aspiration to revive Yen Tu of officials. and Uong Bi people in particular, Quang Ninh province in general.

The 16-minute documentary films on the current state of Yen Tu by the Yen Tu Monuments Management Board, also the first important task of the Yen Tu Monuments Management Board, have been sent to many individuals and specialized agencies. Central subjects are interested in Yen Tu. This is one of the evidences and conditions for Yen Tu to receive a central budget package of 64.5 billion VND to restore, renovate and promote the value of Yen Tu relic in 1996.

The budget package is 64.5 billion dong, although it will only disburse nearly 2/3 later, but it is enough for Bao Sai, Van Tieu, Hoa Yen, Cam Thuc, Suoi Bath, Giai Oan, Bi Thuong, Tower garden ... in turn was restored, embellished; Some other points are archeological and documented. Especially, Giai Oan bus station was upgraded; Some roads were formed leading the entrance to relic sites, connecting Yen Tu relic sites together, connecting Yen Tu with the people's route through Thuong Yen Cong, Phuong Dong, Highway 18 and the urban area. Uong Bi, pulled near Yen Tu with Buddhists and tourists.

Hue Quang Tower Garden. Photo Thanh Tung (CTV).

The 64.5 billion VND investment package also initiated a number of other capital flows to Yen Tu in the later period, including from Uong Bi budget, Quang Ninh province and mobilized capital for socialization. According to Uong Bi City's statistical records, the total number of works and items invested in Yen Tu relic in the 1992 - 1998 period was 50, the calculated investment value was 39 billion VND, the investment value estimated (the socialization part) is tens of billion dong. Including an American overseas Vietnamese built Dong pagoda in 1993 (this pagoda was downgraded 12 years later to build Dong pagoda today); a Canadian overseas Vietnamese built Giai Oan pagoda in 1994 - 1997.

Along with the investment in construction of technical infrastructure, restoration and embellishment of monuments, the stop of coal mining activities in Yen Tu area has been thoroughly implemented; forest protection and enrichment has been strengthened, creating a protection belt of Yen Tu; Indigenous people's activities have the risk of affecting the environment, Yen Tu environment has been rectified ... Monks and nuns also present in Yen Tu more frequently and carry out Buddhist activities.

In particular, Quang Ninh started to issue a policy to attract businesses to serve Yen Tu. This is considered a condition that creates a new change in Yen Tu.

Dong Yen Tu pagoda before was restored with a new temple like today. Documentary Photo

The more you go, the brighter

In 2000, the first steps of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company to implement the cable car project to Hoa Yen officially marked the presence of the enterprise in Yen Tu. Up to now, Tung Lam is in turn the investor of hundred billion and trillion projects in Yen Tu such as phase II, phase III cable car, Yen Tu bus station, especially the great Truc Cultural Center Lam Yen Tu with the content of 11 ingredients items ...

Tung Lam's 20-year journey at Yen Tu, a compliment for this business is that he has learned to learn lessons, increasingly instilled and thoroughly implemented the principle of respecting, protecting original values, developing above. original foundation. It is no exaggeration to say that Tung Lam is a cultural enterprise with a mind and scope. This is reflected in the huge investment capital that enterprises have poured into Yen Tu in recent years, calculated to be 2,500 billion VND; reflected in the way that businesses make money, which is based on setting the goal of promoting heritage values, serving the community's interests, social interests as the first priority, the corporate benefits after ...; reflected in the consideration and hard work of the business when placing each road and brick down Yen Tu, when building and exploiting each tourism product in Yen Tu.

Students inside and outside the province experience in Yen Tu.

According to experts, it is difficult for any enterprise to make cable cars that keep each forest tree; to build a great project of Truc Lam Cultural Center which is made of rice husks, wood, terracotta, copper, and pottery, with the design of the arched door in the shape of a tower, thick walls, short roofs, and colored tiles; make tourism products inclined to meditate ... Because these are all expensive options, in terms of time, money, effort, wisdom ..., which ordinary businesses do not prioritize.

Tung Lam's efforts brought to a huge Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center that was surprisingly harmonious, exuding the culture of "Vietnamese soul, Tran character, Truc Lam Zen spirit", beauty. crush even the most demanding history experts. That is a worthy reward for Tung Lam's efforts.

Particularly, Tung Lam's opinion of building and exploiting tourism products shows the goodwill of this business. It is not the priority to make money fast, much but the human value, the depth of each product package, each customer using and enjoying. For example, spiritual tourism, relaxation tourism, experience, MICE, Yoga, Buddhist meditation such as yoga meditation, bell meditation, meditation ... enhance your physical and mental health with folk remedies, lower calm. Tung road, to the top of Dong pagoda to welcome the dawn ...

Many tourists have fun "village festival" in Yen Tu.

According to Mr. Bui Dinh Tuan, Chairman and General Director of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company: The process associated with Yen Tu is the brighter the process. Bright in the consistency with the immutable goal of protecting and respecting the original values; Bright is the constant opening of ideas and determination to invest even with difficulties; Bright is the choice and acceptance of business solutions very slowly, very quietly ... This explains why Tung Lam's 20 years in Yen Tu is also a parallel journey between enterprise development and value promotion of the relic.

Along with Tung Lam's movements, Yen Tu's image increasingly changes and shines with the event of serving Dong pagoda in 2005, the pagoda set a Vietnamese record for the largest monolithic bronze pagoda and located at an altitude. tallest; The event of erecting Tran Nhan Tong statue on the top of An Ky Sinh in 2013 also set the Asian record for the largest monolithic bronze statue. Both of these two projects are presided over by the Buddhist Church of Quang Ninh province with socialization capital. Besides, the management and operation of Yen Tu are increasingly scientific, modern and rich in humanity, creating an attraction for Yen Tu.

Yen Tu Pilgrim Village is quiet in the morning.

From these movements, a Yen Tu lacked people in the 1990s, a Yen Tu The number of visitors less than half of the Cua Ong temple in the 2000s has now been replaced by a Yen Tu to welcome 1.5-2 million turns of people each year, is the spiritual tourist destination with the largest number of tourists in the whole province. Not only that, from the aura of Yen Tu has become a source of contributing to the development and standardization of Buddhist activities. The result is a resonance of efforts of the government, the people, businesses and the Quang Ninh Buddhist monks and nuns in particular, at home and abroad in general.

Opportunity to reach world heritage

At the latest scientific seminar on Yen Tu held in Quang Ninh, Associate Professor, Dr. Dang Van Bai, Member of the National Cultural Heritage Council, said that with great values in Yen Tu's heart, to properly preserve and promote Yen Tu's values over the past years, it is feasible that Yen Tu aims to become a world heritage site. In fact, this goal was set by Quang Ninh many years ago, the starting milestone is 2015. Up to now, according to Associate Professor, Dr. Dang Van Bai is the most favorable time for Yen Tu to accelerate the construction roadmap. complete documents for submission to UNESCO as world heritage sites.

Yen Tu tower garden in 2013.

Explanation of Associate Professor, Dr. Dang Van Bai, now the task of building and completing documents to submit to UNESCO for recognition of Yen Tu as a world heritage with the presence and joining hands of the provinces of Bac Giang and Hai Duong instead of just Quang Ninh. In particular, Yen Tu, instead of standing independently, has been placed in a tangible, intangible connection in terms of space, time, transport infrastructure, ideology ... It is the connection in the transmission length. development and achievement of Tran and Ly culture, whose soul is the Tran dynasty; That is the connection of Tran relics in the province such as Bach Dang, Cua Ong, Tran relics cluster in Dong Trieu, connecting the destination to the forest (Yen Tu) - into the sea (Ha Long Bay). Especially, the connection of Yen Tu in Quang Ninh with the Tran imprinted heritages in Bac Giang is represented by Vinh Nghiem, in Hai Duong with representatives as Cong Son - Kiep Bac.

Yen Tu is also placed in the connection between the thoughts of Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong with the ideology of the Tran dynasty, the Tran people and people. The thing through which Dai Viet in the eyes of the world has the spirit of "murderous", 3 times to stop the hooves of the global invasion - Nguyen Mong; spirit of harmony, conversion to life, religion to help life ...

Yen Tu festival ground.

Historical scientists have said that the distinctive feature of Yen Tu is the beginning of the Vietnamese Zen lineage, Truc Lam Zen, Yen Tu becoming the Buddhist capital of Vietnam. History has proven that Buddhism existed in Vietnam 2,000 years ago, but the teachings and ancestors are mostly Chinese. Only Truc Lam Zen, which appeared 13 centuries later, was founded by the Vietnamese, the King - Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong, the first ancestor and the teaching of Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen. Besides, the teachings of the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect are also from the Vietnamese life that came out and returned to harmony with Vietnamese social life.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hanh, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee affirmed that all the above values ​​will be plus points for Yen Tu under the eyes of UNESCO cultural experts when bringing this heritage to the world. It is known that in 2020, 3 localities in Quang Ninh, Bac Giang and Hai Duong have agreed on the action plan; organize scientific activities to identify outstanding global values ​​of Yen Tu; establishing a new Steering Committee, assisting team and selecting a consultant for implementation; promote the construction of scientific records of Yen Tu monuments and landscapes to submit to world heritage recognition. In mid-2021, the goal is to send draft scientific records of Yen Tu relics and landscapes to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; In early 2022, sending scientific records of Yen Tu monuments and landscapes to the UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Meditation services in Yen Tu.

Yen Tu thousand years of white clouds. The values ​​of Yen Tu have been enduring and preserved, protected and promoted to this day and forever after. Today, Yen Tu is still considered the capital of Vietnamese Buddhism, the ancestral place of Vietnamese Zen lineages which is not only the aura of the past but always the value of the present. Buddhists and tourists flock to Yen Tu with the eagerness to experience, the faith of mindfulness, the satisfaction of enjoying life values. That is why Yen Tu now moves 24 hours a day, four seasons / year. The fact that Yen Tu is on the road to becoming a world cultural heritage is even more an opportunity for the value of this heritage to be spread higher and farther, giving humanity the awareness of a imprint of the Buddha capital. Vietnamese religion in a time of Vietnam, in the spirit of incarnation, religion is not separated from the life of the special Zen lineage of Vietnam, Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen.


Viet Hoa (CTV)


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