Vibrant colors of Uong Bi tourism

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The autumn tourism stimulus package was launched by Uong Bi City in early November 2020. With the goal in the last 2 months of the year to welcome more than 600,000 visitors and revenue of about 250 billion. According to the report of Uong Bi city, in November, the unit welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors, of which visitors concentrated mainly in Yen Tu. Happily than the rate of overnight guests staying and using services in Yen Tu in particular, Uong Bi in general is quite large.

Representatives of the Vietnamese Buddhist Tripitaka in Quang Ninh province with tourists in Yen Tu. Photo: Venerable Thich Dao Hien.

Mr. Le Trong Thanh, Deputy General Director of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company, shared: 7 consecutive days in the last week of November, the average number of passengers using Yen Tu cable car service reached 1,000 people / day; The rate of full rooms at Legacy Yen Tu is over 90%; The rate of using meditation services, health care using medicinal herbs ... reached high. These parameters are much higher than the same period of 2019, the time has not been affected by the Covid translation - 19. In this December, we believe that the tourist situation will also improve, because of the current number of tourists. According to the tour, retail customers have made a big reservation in advance, many tourist products of Yen Tu are ordered and scheduled to serve.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Giang, Head of Uong Bi City's Culture and Information Department said: The aforementioned movement of Yen Tu has initially warmed up the pace of Uong Bi tourism which has cooled in the past 10 months. Effects of Covid translation - 19. Thereby also increasing the source of fees to visit Yen Tu landscapes, increasing employment and revenue of tourism service units, increasing the contribution back to the local budget.

The beauty of Dong - Yen Tu pagoda is a bit of a tranquil sunset.

According to many people, the heat of Uong Bi tourism at this time came from the spread of the autumn tourism stimulus package with the participation of both the authorities, tourism service businesses and the Buddhist Tri Ban. province and city of Uong Bi.

This is a very happy new feature, because if, in many previous tourism activities, the Buddhist Tri-Ban Board in general often participated indirectly, now it is one of the key forces, planning and itinerary. specific and separate motives, creating a separate attraction in the Yen Tu tourist chain of activities.

In fact, in the current autumn tourism stimulus package of Uong Bi, the Buddhist "role" of the Tri Ban Buddhism is shown through the activities of the teachers' ceremony such as Nhieu Thap or Hoa Dang ceremony ... held. more in quantity, scale and each activity has the focus and focus, meeting the spiritual needs of the people. The most recent activities of the procession of the procession of large jade Buddha statues at the Tran relic cluster in Dong Trieu have also created the spread, connecting to Yen Tu, the relic with the boldest mark of the Tran.

Dao ethnic culture at the foot of Yen Tu mountain will be one of the highlight activities of the Uong Bi tourism stimulus packages.

Venerable Thich Dao Hien, Deputy Head of the Board of Trustees of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church in Quang Ninh province, said: In essence, Nhieu Thap, Hoa Dang or Dai Dai ... which are regularly held by temples, within the framework of religious activities in general of monks and nuns, Buddhists. However, now these ceremonial activities are more popular, people know more and find the ceremony activities reassuring, so returned to Yen Tu to participate. Recently, the Board of Trustees of the Buddhist Church is also coordinating the procession of receiving the jade Buddha statue and organizing many related activities, this is also considered an opportunity to return to the Buddha land, an experience tourism activity for each people.

It is known that this December, many impressive activities in the chain of activities of Uong Bi's autumn tourism stimulus package will continue to be held. For example, the ceremony activities in the framework of Dai Gioi Day, the ceremony of announcing the planning of Yen Trung lake ... thereby continuing to attract the number of visitors to Yen Tu, to Uong Bi. As for Yen Tu, Uong Bi City has also proposed an annual tourism stimulus package, namely Yen Tu, with four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


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