Uong Bi exploits Yen Trung lake in a sustainable way

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In addition to the spiritual tourist attractions, Uong Bi City is blessed with many poetic landscapes, charming paints, becoming an eco-tourism destination that attracts visitors, notably Yen Trung Lake tourist area. 
Khu du lịch hồ Yên Trung. Ảnh: Thái Bình
Yen Trung Lake tourist area. Photo: Thai Binh
Especially, since Yen Trung Lake Ecotourism Area was included in the list of routes and tourist sites by the Provincial People's Committee in Uong Bi City (according to Decision 25 / QD-UBND, January 6, 2016), the area This tourism has received much attention from the tourist community.

Sharing with the reporter, Mr. Dinh The Hung (from Tu Liem District, Hanoi City) wondered: I heard about Yen Trung Lake through a friend's facebook, so on the occasion of pilgrimage to Yen Tu, my family I came over here. It must be recognized that the landscape is very beautiful, fresh and poetic, but lacking products for tourism, infrastructure for tourists. If this is well-invested, it will be an ideal tourist destination.
Besides Mr. Hung's opinion, the reporter also received a number of comments from the people on the management of business activities in this area.

Talking about the people's feedback, Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha, Chairman of the City People's Committee, said: Over the past years Uong Bi has paid special attention to tourism development, considering it as one of the business sectors. Spearhead contribution to local budgets. In parallel with the development of tourism spots commensurate with the potential, the city determines to develop tourist areas in a sustainable manner without destroying the landscape and natural environment.
Accordingly, from 2018, Uong Bi City has renovated and upgraded many items around Yen Trung Lake area such as: Installation of lighting systems, water systems, construction of gates, fences, campuses, paving the way, making car parks for tourists; to build a new landscape area including the garden of Eden, Love Bridge, Vong Nguyet floor and Ho Yen Trung script on the floating island.
Khu du lịch hồ Yên Trung.
Yen Trung Lake tourist area is an ideal place for young people to take wedding photos. Photo: Thai Binh
In order to strictly control the spontaneous business of the households surrounding the tourist area, the City People's Committee has assigned the Management Board of Yen Tu Monuments and National Forest, the Phuong Dong Ward People's Committee to coordinate with related units to check. the use of land and structures on land of households in Yen Trung Lake area, strictly handling violations, arbitrarily leveling ground, constructing works, providing services, keeping watch inconvenience, causing loss of beauty, affecting the appearance and natural landscape in the area as prescribed (Decision No. 1371 / QD-UBND, April 8, 2017 and Notice No. 561 / TB -UBND on August 29, 2018).
The City People's Committee has directed to set up a plan to arrange and arrange a temporary business space with a small scale, temporary structure, ensuring the landscape, environment, nature as a stopover, refreshing service, Additional parking, public toilets. At the same time, it is required that business households comply with the plan and commitment to do business temporarily during the period when the project is not yet implemented. site clearance and without compensation, support for construction costs. In case the households do not comply, the ward PC is assigned to enforce the demolition as prescribed. Up to now, 100% of households have signed a commitment to agree to the city's conditions and regulations.
At present, tourism business activities around Yen Trung Lake area ensure security and order, well managed, no disruption of landscape and ecological environment.

According to the leader of Uong Bi City, the locality is now calling for potential investors to invest in tourism business in Yen Trung Lake Tourism Area to create attractive, quality and satisfying tourism products. needs of visitors. Especially, to fully exploit the potential and advantages of Yen Trung lake, contributing to the overall development of tourism in Quang Ninh.



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