Promising the charm of the spring festival season

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After a long period of suspension due to the Covid-19 epidemic, this year the spring festival at many historical and cultural sites in Quang Ninh province has plans to restart, signaling a festive spring travel season. Busy, vibrant with many new features…

New look at Yen Tu Spring Festival


Through research, in the area of ​​Uong Bi city this year, spring festivals restarted, mainly maintaining the same scale and location of activities as before the epidemic. However, with this year's Yen Tu Spring Festival, there are many changes in venue, organization space as well as a variety of activities to welcome visitors.


The opening ceremony of Yen Tu Spring Festival this year will change in location and have many new features to attract visitors.

Accordingly, right from the opening gate of Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center, there were dragon dance activities, performances of ethnic musical instruments here, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the festival and welcoming visitors. The opening program of the festival still follows the traditional rituals such as blessing at the beginning of the year, performing arts, ringing the drum, calling the bell, performing the ceremony to pray for national peace and prosperity, seal the sacred Yen Tu... However, the ceremony Instead of being held at the festival square like every year, this year is expected to go deeper into the space of Tam flower garden, right in front of Truc Lam Palace.
Activities take place in a wide variety and on a larger space, such as the flower lantern ceremony taking place on the evening of January 9 before the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony has many rich activities such as organizing folk games at the festival. Nuong village, Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center. This year, the role of the Provincial Buddhist Church continues to be enhanced in the coordination of festival organization. The units will coordinate to organize many cultural and culinary events with the goal of welcoming 700,000 pilgrims and spring visitors in 3 months.

Experience making Dong Ho paintings in Nuong Yen Tu village.

Sharing about the preparation stage of enterprises standing in Yen Tu, Mr. Le Trong Thanh, Deputy General Director of Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company, said: This year, we have built many packages of culinary and holiday products. care associated with body and mind care at Am Tue Tinh. In terms of facilities, the unit also repaired and rebuilt the bell tower, the drum floor and the space in Nuong village was brightly decorated, associated with the specific values ​​of Buddhism and Yen Tu. The unit also cooperates to organize the exhibition of paintings and art photos about the majestic and sacred beauty of Yen Tu, organize here many folk games such as stall dancing, throwing con, making to he, making Dong Ho paintings. , making hats, playing umbrellas, eating mandarins...


Visitors to Yen Tu this spring will also admire the golden statue of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong on the top of the mountain. Many pilgrimage routes will be embellished as well as a system of signs introducing the monuments and directions for visitors to be painted and redrawn according to international standards. The flower road from Doc Do to Yen Tu will welcome visitors with rows of bodhi trees, ban flowers, lily flowers, chrysanthemums, and bougainvillea before the Lunar New Year...


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