Picnic for a photo shoot at Lau Xanh, why not?

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"Owning" dozens of cultural, historical, spiritual relics, experience tourist sites and many unique natural landscapes, Uong Bi city is an ideal destination for not only tourists but also photographers. photographers, people who love taking pictures to practice composing.
Prominent among them is Lang Xanh eco-tourism site. With the landscape almost still retains the wild and majestic beauty of Northeastern mountains and forests. In particular, this place has many cascades, day and night pouring down into the blue water pools, will be a beautiful landscape for the "muscle" to hunt the wonderful photos.

Golden Falls is located at the source of the Lung Xanh stream. The waterfall is about 10m high. The water poured down from the high to the cascading cliff, like a poetic, charming curtain.


The harmony between stone, water, forest trees makes any angle, you will capture vivid, emotional images.

Silver Falls is located below, about 200 meters from Thac Vang. The cliffs here are not erect but steep, sloping and gentle, causing the flow of water to flow down like a soft silk strip covering the slopes.

Depending on the point of view, you can choose unique camera angles to portray the endless beauty of this waterfall.

In addition to shooting waterfalls, green forest scenery, the blue stream of Lung Xanh will create a rich inspiration for you to capture strange and strange photos.
Wishing you all the impressive and beautiful photo works when traveling to Lung Xanh.


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