Novelty tourism model Farmstay - Orange Farm in Vang Danh ward

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Officially opened from December 3, Orange Farm has an address at Mieu Than - Dong Bong area, Vang Danh ward, which is currently a new and attractive farm stay tourist destination. Young people come to visit and experience.


Visitors enjoy the experience at Orange farm, Mieu Than - Dong Bong area, Vang Danh ward.
10km from the center of Uong Bi city, Orange Farm is located on the provincial road connecting the city. Uong Bi and TP. Ha Long (formerly Hoanh Bo district); about 10-30km from spiritual tourist areas such as Yen Tu Pagoda, Ba Vang Pagoda, Tay Yen Tu (Son Dong, Bac Giang); 3km from Binh Huong peak and far from the city center. Ha Long 30km.

Coming to Orange Farm, visitors will be able to manually harvest ripe yellow oranges; "check in" at pomelos or lemon trees laden with fruit...; enjoy organic drinks made entirely from farm produce... At this time, the orchards of oranges, lemons, peaches and pomelos at the farm of nearly 7 hectares are in the harvest season. All create an extremely peaceful and relaxing space for visitors to experience.

Extremely "chill" photo angles for young people when visiting this place.
Farmstay is an experiential tourism model, resorting to a farm. When participating in this type of tourism, visitors will be able to visit the production farm, experience the daily work of a farmer, enjoy the quiet space, participate in the activities of the farm. .

In recent years, in Vietnam, the Farmstay model - an experimental garden is increasingly blooming and becoming a strategic direction for many production facilities and households. The model not only contributes to promoting agricultural production and commodity exchange, but also plays an important role in the development of the tourism industry.


Grasping this trend, young Dao Thi Hoa with a passion for experiential travel designed Orange Farm with her own signature. Born in 1998, Hoa graduated from the Faculty of Law - Banking Academy. After graduating from school to work in the right field, Hoa always cherished having her own garden so that every weekend after leaving the office, she could return to enjoy the idyllic feeling of growing vegetables and picking fruits.

The owner of Orange farm - Dao Thi Hoa (white shirt) shares about her tourism model.
As soon as he was introduced to Mr. Do Quang Dat's farm, who is a close acquaintance of the family, Hoa came to visit and come up with design ideas for his model, and at the same time embarked on implementing the model with the assistance of Mr. help and create conditions for camp owners. Hoa said: "I urgently started implementing the model to welcome guests in the orange harvest before this year's New Year... Because the orange garden has a fairly large area, my goal next year is to be with my family. The farm owner renovates the garden to grow more agricultural products, exploit the potential of fruit trees, and also provide more experience services for tourists to visit.
Currently, in addition to visiting and experiencing the harvest of agricultural products at the garden, Orange Farm also provides tourism services such as camping, picnics, events, birthdays, anniversary... Especially, when Visiting the orange garden, visitors can also hand-pick the freshest oranges to enjoy or give as gifts to relatives and friends.

Visitors can directly harvest at the orange garden which is in the golden season.
With fruit-laden orange orchards with a fresh and airy natural space, Orange Farm is really an ideal place for you to spend the weekend with family and friends.

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