Green Forest - the old place we find

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In the "memorial storehouse" of the generations of 7X, 8X, and Lũng Xanh is a "play area" full of poetic age-old feelings. Wild stream waterfall, cool fresh water, pure, natural mineral space makes every pic - nic, picnic leave unforgettable impression. That is why, at this time, the occasion of "booming movement" meeting of the 7x, 8X students' class, Loong Xanh is one of the priority points to organize a picnic "wish for old memories". Let's "return to Green" with a group of students after years of separation.

Over the past 20 years, Lung Xanh is still wild and natural as ever.

The Dating Bridge, the Flower Goddess symbol is two of several new highlights of Green Cloud. This change still respects the pristine landscape inherent so it makes the meeting more interesting.

Waterfall 2 - Now called Silver Waterfall - still has white foam, which is the ultimate foundation for commemorative photos.

The old couple made a little mess with the shape under Silver Falls.

Cheerful jokes with Golden Falls.


Enjoy cool, pure water rays from nature.

Relaxing under Golden Falls.

Returning to the flower age of the blue-green water.

Returning to the flower age of the blue-green water.

If you are planning your class meeting right this summer, Lung Xanh will be a place to return to your innocent, pure and wonderful school age.





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