Explore Binh Huong peak

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Binh Huong mountain range (Vang Danh ward) is 10km away from Uong Bi city center, 50km from Ha Long city, 135km from Hanoi. The mountain range with the height of 467m, stretching 3km, is one of the new tourist destinations, attracting many tourists.

Tourists roam on the stretch of grass at the top of Binh Huong.

A special feature at the top of Binh Huong is the stretch of grass stretching, the color changes seasonally, from green in summer days to golden shades in autumn and winter. On top of Binh Huong, visitors can see the same mountains in the distance. On clear blue days, from the top of Binh Huong, you can admire the scenery of the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, watch the Bach Dang River with the striking red Bach Dang bridge, capture Uong Bi city in sight, panoramic view of Ba Pagoda Gold, Yen Tu scenic relic, many attractive tourist attractions such as Yen Trung lake, Lung Xanh waterfall ...

The fresh and airy air at the top of Binh Huong is also a perfect suggestion for those who are looking for a tourist destination "changing wind" with countless "virtual living" spots that are not inferior to any tourist destination. Besides enjoying the scenery and enjoying the beauty of nature, visitors can organize camping with friends and relatives at this new place. The two most beautiful times to explore Binh Huong are sunrise and sunset. If you intend to welcome the dawn, you should depart from the foot of the mountain at 5am, while watching the sunset, going from 15h is reasonable.

The Northeast Paragliding Club (Ha Long City) parachuting on top of Binh Huong.

The distance from the foot of the mountain to the top is about 4-5 km, visitors can rent a motorbike taxi there for 100,000 VND. The motorbike road follows the Vang Danh exit, about 100m from Lan Thap bridge railway, in the direction of Dong Chanh, the signboard says "The way to the top of Binh Huong". However, it should be noted, the road uphill and dangerous, if not hard steering, should not ride a motorcycle.

If you choose to walk, you will have a gentle experience, watching the pristine hills and mountains on both sides of the road in about 40 minutes. Walking paths due to moving a lot in hilly areas, visitors should wear shoe soles because the road is steep, avoiding slippery grass.

Tourists organize camping on top of Binh Huong.

At the top of Binh Huong, visitors can rent tents, organize camping with prices from 100,000 VND / day to enjoy the sunset, sunrise and the starry sky at night. Currently at the top of Binh Huong there is a service to sell some ready-made dishes such as grilled chicken, rice ball ... If you want more freedom, together with your friends prepare food and campfire to enjoy a day and night in the middle of the sky. , wild.


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