Opening Marathon Uong Bi expansion in 2019

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On the morning of August 18, at the Xanh Xanh Ecotourism Destination, Uong Bi City collaborated with the new Racetrack Company to organize the opening of 2019 Marathon Uong Bi Loop Ultra Trail.

View of the opening ceremony.

Athletes participate in running.

There are 100 athletes, including 95 athletes from provinces and cities nationwide, 5 French and Chinese national athletes. Athletes competed at 2 Beast-19km distances and Ultra - 57km. The terrain of the track is over 90% of the hills and mountains in Quang Trung, Thanh Son, Vang Danh, Phuong Dong wards, Thuong Yen Cong commune.

Athletes start the marathon.


The prize was attended by 100 domestic and international athletes.

The Uong Bi Marathon expands in 2019 as an opportunity for athletes to meet, interact and rub on their expertise. Through the award to promote tourism and cultural potentials; strengthen exchanges and cooperation in sports development between Uong Bi City and provinces and cities throughout the country, international athletes ...

Athletes sign after completing each stage.

Reporter: Hong Hoan - Hai Ninh


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