Two girls and an animated film about Yen Tu

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Participating in the 5th TTN-ND Innovation Contest in Quang Ninh province, the animated film "Yen Tu - Legend of the sacred non-sacred area" made by 2 students of Uong Bi High School made a deep impression on the Board of Supervisors. examination

Tran Khanh Linh and Nguyen Thuy Hien (left) - the author of the animated film "Yen Tu - Legend of the non-sacred domain".
The owner of the work is Tran Khanh Linh and Nguyen Thuy Hien, students of Uong Bi High School (Uong Bi City). Sharing about the film, Khanh Linh said: Stemming from a passion for traditional cultural values ​​of the nation and wanting to widely spread those values ​​to a large number of friends and visitors, they I came up with the idea of ​​making an animated film about Yen Tu sacred. Yen Tu relics not only bring historical significance but also the pride of the people of Uong Bi City in particular and the people of Quang Ninh in general, so the promotion of relics through the animated film will be a new approach, bringing excitement to people and visitors, especially those who are small when returning to Yen Tu. We also expect that the finished work will be widely used in schools as a tool for teaching historical subjects, creating student attraction for this subject.


Khanh Linh and Thuy Hien use film editing software to complete the work. (Character image provided)
The animated film "Yen Tu - Legend of the sacred immature" consists of 3 episodes: Episode 1 titled Tran Nhan Tong - the king of Buddha; Volume 2 is the legend of Nam Mau village and the third volume is named Yen Tu sacred area. 3 episodes were released after more than 1 month of implementation. "From the idea to perfection is a process that is not as simple as originally imagined. Especially the stage of drawing characters, expressions, costumes, backdrops to match the plot, shown. And the articulation of the characters, then the articulation of the drawings to make the movement, the voice, the subtitles, the choice of sound, the skill ... are all very difficult, especially for the non-believers, no like us. " - Khanh Linh shared.
In order to have a complete work, from the stage of scripting Khanh Linh and Thuy Hien, we have read the documents written about Yen Tu, about Emperor Tran Nhan Tong, the cultural and historical values ​​of the monument zone. Winning Yen Tu, at the same time, asking the teacher to teach history counseling, commenting to complete the script, build the plot. They also surveyed the actual area of ​​Yen Tu and Nam Mau villages, exchanged with the guides at the relics site, the Faculty of History (Hanoi University of Education) to supplement the actual materials as well. such as increased accuracy for information.

Tran Khanh Linh presented and introduced the animated film "Yen Tu - Legend of the sacred region".
Linh and Hien also signed up for a training course on humanizing painting with Adobe illustrator and Adobe Priemier basic rendering course. “This is my heart and Hien, so we want to perfect each stage of the work. With difficult techniques, high skill requirements are supported by teachers ”. - Linh said.
Evaluation of the work, said Bui Thi Nha Trang, lecturer of Ha Long University, said: The work is invested quite elaborately and creatively. Especially the meaning of applying to teaching practice as well as introducing and promoting tourism of Yen Tu relic and landscape area.

A scene in the episode Tran Nhan Tong - the king of Buddha.
Currently, the animated film "Yen Tu - Legend of the non-sacred region" has been granted copyright by the Copyright Office (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and is being used by Tung Lam Development Joint Stock Company for presentation at Yen Tu cable car waiting area, experimental teaching in some schools in Uong Bi City. “We have also implemented English subtitles for episodes so that foreign visitors can listen to the content. In the future, we will continue to diversify the language of expression and consider the foreign dubbing so that the works are more widely promoted ”- Khanh Linh said.



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