Beam of photos: Strange Green

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For the "believers" of discovering tourism, the Lac Xanh eco-tourism site in Uong Bi City is no stranger. The landscape here still remains intact the wild nature of the natural forest. The highlight is the day and night waterfalls pour down the blue water; murmuring stream between the rocks exposed to time-colored stones; various types of forest cover… Wild and wild nature of Lung Xanh leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor.

Waddling, forest trekking, waterfall crossing ... are interesting experiences when ecotourism in Lung Xanh.

The whole family had fun with the blue water.

Lung Xanh is not only a choice for groups of friends but also a destination for many families every weekend.

Back to the wild nature by the white foam waterfall.

Refresh yourself to enjoy the cool water from the natural waterfall.

Only the murmuring of the waterfall in the ear helps you calmly enjoy the enchanting sounds of nature.

The pristine, exotic nature of Lung Xanh will leave an unforgettable impression on each visitor's journey of discovery.



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