Chicken with golden straw - famous specialty Uong Bi

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Coming to Uong Bi land, visitors can not only visit and experience famous tourist spots but also enjoy a lot of the products of the land of the masterpiece of the land. Among them is the yellow straw chicken, a purebred chicken breed, currently a famous specialty of the Uong Bi people.

Yellow straw chicken, also known as grass chicken, is an ancient chicken variety in Vietnam.

Yellow straw chicken, also known as grass chicken, this is an ancient breed of Vietnam with yellow feathers, yellow legs, yellow beak, serrated crest, soft and delicious meat ... This was bred by a French expert in the 19th century and nurtured by Uong Bi people for many years, but mostly small and spontaneous in households.

To preserve this breed, in 2018, Uong Bi Center for Agricultural Technical Services implemented the project to raise yellow-straw chicken with a scale of 4,600 chickens, including 1,600 breeding chickens. The total value of the project is 2.1 billion VND, of which the city spends 700 million VND to support 100% of the cost of seed and 30% of the cost of food, the rest is provided by the people. The project is implemented in 20 livestock households in 6 communes and wards: Thuong Yen Cong, Phuong Dong, Thanh Son, Quang Trung, Yen Thanh and Dien Cong.

According to Uong Bi City People's Committee Chairman Nguyen Manh Ha, the city of Uong Bi annually welcomes about 2 million visitors, so in addition to encouraging people to multiply the flock of yellow straw chicken, improve nutrition in each family's meals. The family also contributes to creating typical dishes of the city to serve tourists coming to Uong Bi.

Yellow straw chicken is naturally grazed by the households and bio-raised by fermented corn.

After more than a year of implementing the project, according to the assessment, this breed is very suitable for natural grazing, has the ability to grow and develop quickly, is more resistant than other chicken breeds, on average. the amount is from 1.5-2.5 kg / head. With a selling price of 100,000-110,000 VND / kg, this model is quite effective compared to other pets. After deducting expenses, the average monthly household income is nearly 4 million VND for broilers; more than 1 million VND for chicken eggs.

From the effectiveness of the model, many livestock households in the city have learned and applied the re-herd, increasing the scale. Mr. Lai Thiem Hai (Thuong Yen Cong commune), said: Due to being naturally grazed and bio-raised by chopped banana stalks, mixed with fermented corn, the quality of chickens is very delicious, yellow skin and white meat. So now people in the city are very fond of this chicken breed, consumption is increasing, especially at places that serve tourists.

The dishes made from yellow chicken and straw in restaurants and hotels in Uong Bi city are now very popular with people and visitors.

It is known that due to high consumption, some households who initially raised only 100-200 animals / litter have now expanded their area, increasing the number of herds to about 2,000 / litter. According to statistics of Uong Bi City, on average, the output of straw yellow chicken in the city can supply about 3-4 tons to the market.

To be able to choose and buy yellow straw chicken, people and tourists can buy directly in 6 communes, wards implementing the project, restaurants, hotels in the city.




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