"Check-in" flower valley at the foot of the sacred young Yen Tu

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Although it has just been in operation for more than half a month, Yen Tu Flower Valley Tourist Area in Nam Mau 2 village, Thuong Yen Cong commune is becoming an indispensable place for tourists when coming to Uong Bi City.

Yen Tu Flower Valley tourist area is becoming a must-see destination for tourists when coming to Uong Bi City.

In June 2020, members of Yen Tu Village Tourism Service and Production Cooperative cooperated with each other to exchange land and contribute more than 4.5 billion VND to invest in the model of cultivating flower varieties. more than 3ha of tissue with the main purpose of tourism development.

Previously, this area was low-yield cultivated rice fields, abandoned, now households boldly converted to grow dozens of beautiful flower varieties, such as oatmeal, sunflower, triangular barley, chrysanthemum. lotus flower, butterfly wings, lavender ... Only after more than 6 months of planting and tending, so far, all varieties of flowers have grown well, racing to bloom under the terraced fields near the foot of Yen Tu mountain. out a new tourist destination attracting tourists.

Mr. Tran Nguyen Phong, a visitor from Quang Yen town, shared: The first time visiting the Yen Tu flower valley, I was very impressed with the image of colorful flowers, helping everyone to freely visit and choose. give yourself the best picture angles. In particular, the wind-loving triangular vascular flower that is characteristic of the Ha Giang rocky plateau is also grown a lot, so we need to go far to admire it right here. Not only that, coming here we also experience many folk games, such as swinging; Visit the old house model ... and also enjoy the cuisine that is the products made by the people here.

Tourists experience traditional folk games.

Yen Tu Flower Valley Tourist Area officially opened to welcome guests from mid-December 2020. The most impressive highlight is the flower field interwoven between the terraced fields; Surrounding the flower field are the "garden" of four seasons green fruit trees such as: Litchi, pomelo, sim ... Yen Tu Flower Valley tourist area is located less than 15km from the center of Drinking Bi city and less than the di area. Yen Tu area is more than 4km, convenient transportation, visitors can easily move to this place.

Mr. Doan Van Tuan, Director of Yen Tu Village Tourism and Production Cooperative, said: To serve the needs of visitors, in the flower valley also built a number of works, like: Entrance; promenade; waiting house for resting, eating and drinking; As a bridge to create check-in points for visitors ... In the near future, we will organize many cultural activities, festivals with folk games and indigenous ethnic costumes to diversify activities to attract. traveler. It is expected that next year, the cooperative will continue to link with households to research a number of new flower varieties to expand the area of flower growing to continue serving tourism development.

Sunflower field attracts young people to "check-in".

Currently, entrance fee to Yen Tu Flower Valley Tourist Area is sold at 40,000 VND / person (free for children under 6 years old and the elderly from 80 years old). On average, each day here attracts about 300-500 visitors to visit and visit. This eco-tourism model is currently creating jobs for 21 local workers with an average income of 5 million VND / person / month.



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