Agriculture combines tourism - The path of sustainability

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Orange Farm Vang Danh in Dong Bong village - Mieu Than (Vang Danh ward, Uong Bi city) is a model of an experiential garden (farmstay) that has just joined the countryside tourism village of Quang Ninh in early December 2022.

Orange Farm Vang Danh, newly opened in early December 2022, has become an attractive destination for tourists.
Orange Farm Vang Danh has an area of ​​nearly 7 hectares, including citrus trees, lemon peaches, peach pomelos, etc., which are in the harvest season. The richness of this citrus garden attracts many young people to visit and experience. At Orange Farm Vang Danh, visitors can manually harvest ripe yellow oranges; check-in at the pomelos, or the peach trees laden with fruit; enjoy organic drinks made entirely from farm produce; experience the daily work of a farmer; enjoy a quiet space... Orange Farm Vang Danh also provides tourism services such as camping, picnics, events, birthdays, anniversary... From the uniqueness and attraction mentioned above. Since opening until now, every day Orange Farm Vang Danh welcomes hundreds of visitors.
The owner of Orange Farm Vang Danh, Ms. Dao Thi Hoa with a passion for experiential travel has designed this experiential garden with her own mark, creating an idyllic garden from growing vegetables, picking fruits, and creating an idyllic garden. less beautiful, fresh. According to Ms. Hoa, in the near future, Orange Farm Vang Danh will continue to be intercropped, planted with many other delicious fruit trees, shaped with clear themes, updated with new farming skills and applications. Modern technology in the stages of planting, caring and harvesting fruit trees, provides visitors with a new perspective on agricultural production...

Visitors experience at Orange Farm Vang Danh.
Orange Farm Vang Danh is just one of many models of agriculture combined with tourism in Quang Ninh. Agriculture combined with tourism has been known since more than ten years ago, with the first typical example being the village tourism model Yen Duc (Dong Trieu Town). By this time, Quang Ninh has had Quang Long tea hills (Hai Ha district), Dong Ho orchid farm (Ha Long city), Cao Son flower garden (Binh Lieu district), Yen Trung lake flower garden (Uong Hoa city). Pumpkin), hydroponic vegetable model Greenfarm 188 Mao Khe (Dong Trieu Town), family ecological area of ​​Hai Lang commune (Tien Yen district), Van Yen orange garden (Van Don district), VietGAP na, orange and guava garden at Dong Trieu, Ha Long ... Each such model of agriculture combined with tourism is a red address that attracts a large number of tourists to visit and experience.


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