5 months, Uong Bi welcomed 1.5 million visitors

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According to the statistics of the Department of Culture and Information of Uong Bi City, in the first 5 months of 2019, the city welcomed over 1.5 million tourists, of which international visitors reached over 100,000.

In 2019 plan, Uong Bi city is expected to receive 2.5 million visitors, of which 300,000 are international visitors; tourism revenue reached 1,000 billion VND.
Khách du lịch thăm quan hồ Yên Trung
Tourists visit Yen Trung lake.
In order to achieve this result, from the beginning of the year, Uong Bi has put into operation the items of Legacy luxury resort hotel and exploited effectively the pilgrimage village and the rural market in Yen Tu; attracting tourists to ecological tourist spots of Yen Trung lake; put the Green Green ecotourism site into operation; Officially put Uong Bi tourist App on smartphone.


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