Uong Bi land also holds quite a lot of historical and cultural relics, scenic spots associated with the history of national struggle and national defense. There are 29 monuments in the area, including 02 relics of national rank, special national level, 05 provincial ranking relics and 22 relics listed in the list of classified inventories.

Dong Pagoda belongs to the National Monument, especially Yen Tu.

The monument marks the event of Uncle Ho visiting Uong Bi in 1965.
The diversity in the types of intangible cultural heritage is also a tourist attraction when coming to Uong Bi.

Every year, festivals with the colors of Buddhism such as Yen Tu Spring Festival, Ba Vang Pagoda Association are in harmony with the festivals that bring early folk traditions with bold Vietnamese village culture such as Dinh Lac Thanh festival; Hang Son Temple festival; Dinh Den Cong festival ... creates cultural values ​​imbued with national identity.

Cherry Blossom Festival - Yen Tu Golden Maize attracts tourists.